At Dog World Bedrock Kennels, we appreciate that every dog and their family has individual needs. And so we offer a variety of boarding packages designed to be flexible while offering the widest range of services available.

Whether you have an ancient poodle or a high energy husky pup, we will make sure they receive the best of catered care. Our program coordinators will create a diversified, structured program of exercise, grooming and care tailored to your pet’s personality, age, fitness and sociability.


Your dog will have the choice of staying in one of our open concept areas
or a traditional kennel unit for any of the following packages:

Go Package


Your pet will participate in four individualized activities to meet their needs. See our activity list below.

(2 dogs same family $61/day)

Freedom Package


Your pet will participate in six individualized activities to meet their needs. See our activity list below.

(2 dogs same family $67/day)

As Needed Package


(Price will change)
Our staff will individually assess your pet and tailor activities to their needs and mood each day, switching between 3, 4 and 6 activities a day, as needed.

As your dog could do a different number of activities from day to day, we can’t put a price.

As Needed Package


A special package for your low-maintenance, senior pet that includes 3 individualized activities.

(2 dogs same family

*This package must be requested and is subject to staff discretion.

Suite Upgrade


$16 upgrade/day
This package offers the closest thing to ‘just like home’: a homey, open concept room with dog-friendly furniture.

Pet Taxi


Price Varies
Is getting your dog to our facility as issue? Try our our pet taxi service. Fees vary, but you can ask us for a quote.

$22/hour and $0.56/Km

Add Ons


Contact us for a Quote
Want more? Take advantage of our many add-on features, such as personalized training, grooming or behaviour adjustment while your pet is vacationing with us.

Facilities Include:

paw-icon 50 acres of maintained fields and treed exercise trails
paw-icon Huge fenced water park, complete with slides and jungle gym
paw-icon Eight fenced and grassy play yards with ramps and jungle gyms
paw-icon Indoor play and lounge areas
paw-icon Indoor training zone and dog gym
paw-icon Private and groups suites (no cages) with dog friendly furniture

Activities Offered:

paw-icon Supervised group outdoor park time, with use of water park
paw-icon Individual outdoor ‘free to roam and explore’ park time
paw-icon Supervised outdoor one-on-one ‘fetch and climb’ park time, with use of jungle gym
paw-icon Supervised long and short trail runs, individual or pack
paw-icon Supervised use of a dog-treadmill
paw-icon Indoor group play time
paw-icon Individual indoor downtime, couch or by the fire
paw-icon Individual supervised indoor play with staff and dogs
paw-icon Cuddles and general coat maintenance
paw-icon Grooming and health services

Oh and another thing…

First Timers: Use the phrase “HOT DOG” while booking and receive a $25.00 discount.

Long Stays: Use the phrase “Forever & a Day” while booking and receive a 15% discount per day, starting on the 8th consecutive day.

Referrals: Refer a friend and you both receive a $30 discount.

No discounts available from December 21- January 2nd & March Break.

Only one discount applies per stay.

Holidays: a $6 premium applies

METHODS OF PAYMENT: Cash, Credit, Debit, ApplePay and possibly e-transfer

Please NOTE:  If two dogs come in together, and then one goes into a heat – the dogs will be separated, and then will require two units.  Should this occur, you will be charged for the two dogs, separate during the heat. Once that is clear, the two dogs will then be put back together into one unit.

Boarding Price Structure

Fees are based on calendar days – not 24-hour periods – and are based on a check-out at 8am sharp.
When in doubt, please ask for a quote!
Drop off between 8-10am OR 3-5:30pm to 8am sharp = Full day charge
Drop off between 8-9pm (only on available days) with departure at 8am sharp = Half day charge
Pick up at 8am sharp = No charge for that day
Pick up between 8:10-10am OR at 3pm sharp = Half day charge for that day
Pick up between 3:10-5:30pm or 8-9pm (only on available days) = Full day charge for that day

Our Customer Hours

Our customer hours are the times we are open, and we ask that you drop off, pick up, or stop by for a tour during.
We thank you for respecting our designated hours.
Monday – Sunday: 8:00 – 10:00am and 3:00 – 5:30pm
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday: 8:00 – 9:00pm
Any customers served outside of these hours will be charged our After Hours Fee of $55 (+HST)
After Hours must be booked in advance and the hours available are:
10am-12:30pm, 2:30-3pm, or 5:30-6:15pm