Common Spring Dog-Health Issues

Since we’re having spring like weather, and the snow seems to be going, here are some issues that, as dog owners, you may come across in the next little bit.

Loose Stool
With the winter thaw and increased temperatures, you may notice some upset in your dog’s digestive system. As more ground is exposed, bacteria and “bad treats” are more readily available for your dog to ingest.
Common Symptoms
Loose stool & vomiting are the main symptoms but you may also notice a slight decrease in appetite, activity level and your dog may be a bit “off”

** Medical attention from your veterinarian is needed if your dog is running a fever, showing signs of dehydration or the issue is lasting more than 3- 5 days.


Check to ensure your dog is not dehydrated (*tip * an easy sign to check if your dog is hydrated is to pinch the skin between their shoulders – it should bounce back; similar to the skin on the back of our hands).
· Try Kaopectate or Pepto-Bismol to calm their upset tummy.
· Remove food for 24 hours, then offer a bland diet such as listed below…
· Feed rice, probiotics, cooked hamburger or canned pumpkin for easier digestion; gradually add kibble back slowly when you see an improvement.

Eye Discharge:

Often when your dog is sniffing, or playing/wrestling, puddle hopping in areas where the ground is newly exposed; dirt and bacteria can get flipped into their eyes.

Common Symptoms:

Excessive discharge from eyes, may turn a cloudy to yellow colour, blood shot or red eyes (similar to pink eye in humans).


· Wipe eyes with a clean warm cloth to loosen any “crusties”, water may be enough to flush the eyes.
· Try anti-bacterial eye drops, such as Polysporin, 1 drop – 3 x per day.
· If no improvement is noticed, see your vet.


Dogs can easily ingest eggs or worms from roads, parks, common dog greeting ritual of a well-mannered “bum sniff”. Eggs may often pass in stool and are easily undetected until they have hatched in a full grown “worm” (look is similar to piece of spaghetti or large moving grain of rice). It is important to note that they may not pass in each bowel movement.


Visual presence of worms is the easiest detection. Often, decreased activity levels or inability to gain weight may be noticed, especially if the worms have been present for an extended period of time.


Time to deworm – consult your vet and get the prescribed de – worming medication.

* Please remember that these are suggestions and vet care is always recommended when in doubt.

Should you suspect your dog has a health issue, please notify us. Dog World Bedrock Kennels ensures our very best in care and we are available to guide you with any questions, concerns or comments their health.